NoEnd Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How


What is the NoEnd?

NoEnd is a merry band of Internet developers and other similar life forms who have decided to come together and form a community. We have bimonthly meetings where we get to talk about stuff and hang out. Though we are based in the San Francisco Bay area, we have members worldwide.



One of the few stories we've endorsed was by Wired News. This is a piece written after our 2 year anniversary gathering: "No End in Sight for San Francisco Web Developer Group", by Janelle Brown. Here's a copy of the story on our servers Or in the Wired News Archives


What do we do at the meetings?

We talk, socialize, humanize and usually pester a cool quest speakers with a ton of questions. It's a chance to have human contact. We like to start out with a "Minute of Fame" wherein each person says their name and what their week was like, with newbies saying who they are, what they do, etc. (this is the glue that holds us together). Then we usually have a speaker for about an hour and then shmooze and mill.