NoEnd Who, What, When, Where, Why and How


Who are we?

NoEnders are mostly bay area Internet developers of one sort or another, including: artists, programers, designers, writers, managers, consultants, etc. We also have a healthy smattering of crazy artists, film makers, musicians, baseball fans and other diverse life forms.

Who has presented to NoEnd in the past?

Some of our previous guests have included:

Andrew Beebe, NetObjects unvaled Fusion
Kevin Lynch, Macromedia dazzled us with Dreamweaver
Tom Hale, Macromedia showed us what's new in Freehand
Tom Hale, Macromedia also gave us a sneak preview of Fireworks
Benjamin Feinman, Netscape wanted to know what we want in Communicator
Thomas Dolby, Headspace filled our ears with Beatnik
Miko Matsumura, JavaSoft made Java cool
David Siegel, Studio Verso focus grouped us for Secrets of Successful Web Sites
GoLive programmers from Germany showed us CyberStudio
Lotus corporately presented Domino